In the November edition of Set in Stone, we’d like to first welcome our new readers who we met at COP27. We’re glad you’re curious about Okeanos and can’t wait to tell you more about Made From Stone™ technology! In this issue, we’ll recap our time in Sharm el-Sheikh, highlight a new exciting application, and share some quality control news!


We’re fresh off our trip to Sharm el-Sheikh and are buzzing with energy and more optimistic than ever that material innovation supported by forward-thinking legislation will pave the way for positive climate action in the coming year.

We’re breaking down our trip by the numbers! Read on to see what we accomplished!

One of the features that impressed guests most at the Made From Stone Market was our ability to track and trace the emissions impacts of our individual supply chains, as detailed to consumers by scanning the QR codes on products Made From Stone.

Based on the methodology we’ve developed under UN standards organization, VERRA, Okeanos can track the global warming potential (GWP) of the trip products Made From Stone take from “ground to grocery,” or from the point of raw material sourcing through the point of manufacture, all the way to the shelves of the stores where the customers scan the code. This not only ensures accountability from Okeanos but gives the consumer a way to actively participate in positive climate action!

Scan this QR to see the LCA from the bags of delicious Lion chips we distributed at COP27, made in Egypt by Americana. To learn more about making the switch to stone, contact

Okeanos is proud to announce that the company has been re-certified for ISO9001 by the International Standards Organization for the second year in a row.

This recertification means that Okeanos can consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, and that we demonstrate continuous improvement around the world. We want to give a special shout out to our amazing Quality Management Team who ensure that we continue to excel and improve every day!

Global Quality Manager: Yanel Ruiz
Internal Auditors: Madeline Armstrong, Hernan Contreras, Alejo Galeano, Pablo Juarez

To read our quality statement, click here

This month we sit down with Antonio Mendivil CEO of Quimicolor, one of Colombia’s leading manufacturers of cosmetic and personal care products, to dive into our exciting new collaboration and learn about why he’s decided to help his brands make the switch to stone!

You’re the first in the world to introduce barrier film Made From Stone into the products you manufacture. Why is it important to offer your clients sustainable solutions?

Global Quality Manager: Yanel Ruiz
Internal Auditors: Madeline Armstrong, Hernan Contreras, Alejo Galeano, Pablo Juarez

Because at Quimicolor we are aware of the need to contribute to environmental issues and, of course, to seek ways to move forward with developments
that contribute to the sustainability of the planet, which is where we ultimately must aim.

What’s new and exciting about this version of the barrier film?

The barrier film is the first mono-material multi-layer film on the market with the potential to be included in recycling streams. So, we can proudly say that we are pioneers in contributing to the conservation of our planet!

Quimicolor was in the spotlight recently at COP27 at the Made From Stone Market as Okeanos distributed sanitizer wipes in the new barrier film. What did it mean to have your brand highlighted on the world stage?

It was a very important event for us as a company; Quimicolor is a pioneer in the wet wipes market in Colombia, so it is very significant to be the first to take the step in this type of environmentally friendly packaging, through which we reduce the use of plastic products. Before us, we did not know of any supplier or customer who had tried this with similar products

Keep an eye out for barrier films Made From Stone on some of your favorite soft-sided packaging and snack food products launching in Colombia, then Egypt and US by Q2 2023, before rolling out across the Indian, Brazilian, Mexican, Bangladeshi, and Spanish markets by the end of next year.

To learn more about barrier film Made From Stone, contact

Oftentimes conversations around sustainability can sound a lot like alphabet soup. Between ESG, GHG’s, UNFCCC, it can be hard to keep track of which acronyms that those entering the world of sustainability need to know and understand in order to chart the correct course. In the coming months, this section of Set in Stone will focus on one of the most important concepts in sustainability, the “SDGs”, or Sustainable Development Goals. So what are they?

The SDG’s were established in 2015 by the UN General Assembly as a “blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.” Each of the 17 goals outlines a different area of focus that those looking to make sustainable choices can align with and work to improve. You may find that many of the concepts are interwoven; this is intentional as we need to collectively improve in each of these areas in order to achieve measurable change.

Okeanos believes that we can make a measurable difference in Gender Equality (5), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9), Responsible Consumption & Production (12), Climate Action (13), Life Below Water (14), and Partnerships for the Goals (17).

Check this section next month to learn about our commitment to Gender Equality – Goal #5.To read our ESG statement, click here!

Meet Caio, our Rockstar of the Month! Caio is a member of our Marketing team working as an Creative Director to bring Okeanos and Made From Stone technology to life on your pages and screens. Learn more about what drew him to Okeanos below!

Tell us about your childhood. Did you spend time by the ocean?

Luckily, I spent lots of time by the ocean. My parents are divers & ocean lovers and they would take my sister and me to the beach and to the islands at every opportunity they had. My father builds boats, and I realize now that I was probably the guinea pig for a lot of his projects, but I’m not complaining! It allowed me to visit & explore pretty much every island and every corner of the huge and beautiful Brazilian coast at a young age.

How has working for an environmentally focused company impacted the choices you make in your daily life?

I believe that any act of consumption is a political act. Especially eating and commuting. Working at Okeanos has helped me to understand the other side of the story…that the responsibility of companies and governments is immense. Because of that, I’ve been focusing on learning about regulations & legislation around the world in order to use my individual consumer-power to support companies that are in line with what science says and with what I believe.

What drew you to working for Okeanos?

The possibility to be a positive tool for our ecosystem. Using my time & energy for the sake of nature excites me every day. I know it sounds a little romanticized but…there is no economy on a dead planet, after all. So, sustainability is for sure my number 1 priority.

If you could pick a body of water anywhere in the world to spend time near, where would it be?

Byron Bay, Queensland – Australia. It is one of my favorite spots in the world. You might see a flock of colorful parakeets flying over a group of Kangaroos while watching a family of dolphins show off by the beach waves. The sunrise by that bay is magical.

What new skill or hobby did you pick up during quarantine?

Listening to podcasts, from science to video games. Cleaning and even folding clothes are now a lot less boring!

Now that the world is beginning to re-open, what is the thing you’re most looking forward to?

Getting back to traveling more. There is nothing that I like more than traveling and getting to know people and their culture, their food, arts, habits, and mostly their perspectives on the world.

Want to be part of Okeanos team?

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