In the August edition of Set in Stone, we’re raising a glass to new mugs Made From Stone, toasting a new Canadian plastics regulation, and roasting some of your favorite celebrities whose environmental impacts are soaring.


Deciding which bin a product goes in can be confusing. Do those chasing arrows mean this product is recyclable? What about that “eco-friendly” graphic or the “100% compostable?” Canada is ready to clarify this confusion.

In 2023, the Canadian government will introduce a new plastic labeling scheme, meaning:

  • The chasing-arrows symbol and other recyclability claims are not allowed on plastic products unless 80% of Canadians have access to a system that accepts them
  • Words like “biodegradability” and “compostability” would need to be certified by a third party organization
  • As part of EPR rules, Canadian companies would be required to report on all major categories of plastic products, creating a federal plastics registry.

“Labels on plastic packaging that claim recyclability or compostability are often inaccurate, and Canadians are not given clear information…” explains Canada’s Minister of Environment Steven Guilbeault.

Okeanos is pleased to see honest labeling being adopted by governments around the world. Did you know packaging Made From Stone boasts a QR code that details our product’s carbon footprint? Click here to view a sample!

Many think there isn’t a better feeling than the first sip of a perfectly poured icy beer…until now. Imagine sipping from that stein knowing that your beer is held in a cup that puts the planet first? Meet mugs Made From Stone!

This newest example of Made From Stone technology is durable, lightweight, and made with less plastic. Our bold beverage-holder also boasts a lower CO2 footprint and significant energy savings during the manufacturing process, all the while keeping your beer chilly! Cheers to that!

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It’s been a while since we’ve taken you on a tour of the different locales where Okeanos® operates. Let’s go on a little adventure by the numbers…

  • Sustainably sourced stone available in 180 locations
  • Now delivering our solution in more than 15 Countries
  • Offices on 5 Continents
  • Operating in 11 languages
  • Currently engaged with 12 global governments

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Topping more than just the charts, pop star Taylor Swift is the subject of scrutiny after British Sustainability firm Yard placed her on top of the list of private jet travel “climate criminals.”

Since January, Swift’s private jet has taken 170 flights, emitting 1,184.8 times more than the average person. Also named in the top ten were boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, and sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.
The aviation industry accounts for up to 2.4% of total global emissions, but private jets are 14x worse compared to commercial flights. With such a large platform, celebrities have the power to amplify messages on behalf of the climate crisis, and several of those who made the list have been vocal about different environmental issues. Okeanos hopes that in the future, they’ll consider practicing what they preach.

To learn more about the ways Okeanos is working to reduce the carbon footprint of your products, visit our sustainability page here

In this section of Set In Stone, we like to highlight the surprising finds, the unusual animals, and the innovative ideas affecting our Oceans. We’re bubbling with excitement over The Great Bubble Barrier!

Designed by a Netherlands based non-profit, this clever device diverts plastics to catchment systems using a diagonal curtain of bubbles, which pushes the plastic toward the banks of the river for collection. Since the project launched in an Amsterdam canal, the bubbles were able to divert 90% of the floating pollution in the river.
Bubble barrier projects are currently being planned for Portugal and Southeast Asia.
Removing plastic from the supply chain at the point of manufacture is our goal at Okeanos, but we champion efforts that make it possible to collect plastic already affecting our open environment.

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Meet Chloe French, Environmental Intern at our Okeanos Innovation Center. Read on to learn more about how working for an environmentally focused organization has changed the way Chloe sees the world around her.

Tell us about your childhood. Did you spend time by the ocean?

Growing up in the Midwest, I didn’t go to the ocean very often. Instead, my family would spend a lot of time canoeing and swimming at the rivers and lakes nearby.

How has working for an environmentally focused company impacted the choices you make in your daily life?

As a student in the environmental field, I have always been conscious of my environmental impact. Since working at Okeanos I have become more aware of my plastic intake and have made an effort to reduce my plastic consumption and waste.

What drew you to working for Okeanos?

I am the type of person who cares about the environment and has always wanted to make it a better place. When I learned about Okeanos I was so excited and knew I wanted to work here. Okeanos is the type of company that cares about the environment at its core. I can see the impact that Okeanos has, and working here I know I am making the difference that I have always wanted to.

If you could pick a body of water anywhere in the world to spend time near, where would it be?

I would spend time near the Mediterranean Sea. I went on a trip to the Mediterranean when I was 15 and I remember the water being so beautiful, fresh, and clear. I’d love the chance to go back and experience it again.

What new skill or hobby did you pick up during quarantine?

During quarantine I spent a lot of time learning how to cook. My family and I would take turns making meals for one another. The coolest thing I learned how to cook was homemade noodles.

Now that the world is beginning to re-open, what is the thing you’re most looking forward to?

With the world reopening, I am looking forward to in-person classes the most. Because of COVID, college classes were online for almost two years. This made learning really difficult so I am excited to be back in person again.

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