“As one of the most far-reaching categories on our Most Innovative Companies list, the companies that make up our manufacturing list are addressing some of the biggest problems facing society. From manufacturing a better vial to carry COVID-19 vaccines in, to devising a biodegradable packaging, to offering on-demand fabrication that reduces waste, these companies are creating a better world by rethinking the ways we create product.”  – Fast Company

Okeanos is thrilled to be recognized as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company ®, a media leader highlighting the most promising future technologies.

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The immediate impact of COVID-19 on daily life was never more obvious than in those early days, scouring empty supermarket shelves in search of flour or toilet paper. Sales for treadmills and puzzles hit record highs, and curious shortages of everything from adult coloring books to obscure musical instruments and even bucatini pasta were highlighted on the evening news. In recent months, the global vaccine roll-out has allowed us to take tentative steps out of our homes once again, however, the impact of the pandemic on global shipping continues to be extraordinary.

A shake-up in the pre-established network of global shipping lanes that move goods around the globe is the cause of delayed shipments and has contributed to rising prices on consumer goods. Unprecedented demand to fulfill online orders from developed countries has caused shippers to re-route most of their containers to the most popular routes – those connecting North America and Europe to Asia, leaving thousands of empty containers in ports in South America and Africa, where they were sent full of PPE and masks at the beginning of the pandemic. This shipping shakeup has never been more obvious than in the last week, when a container ship stuck in the Suez Canal resulted in delays worldwide.

Fortunately for customers of Made From Stone, our global network of stone producers and compounders allows us to nimbly navigate these global shipping logistical challenges and take advantage of the hundreds of empty containers near our South American facilities. Thanks to this, Okeanos has been able to continue delivering compound around the world.

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We’re sitting down with industry leaders, innovators and environmentalists to discuss what  sustainability looks like today, and where it’s headed. For our inaugural edition of this column, we sat down for a chat with Okeanos Scientific Advisory Board member, environmentalist, athlete, entrepreneur, and Sustainability Officer at Loyola Marymount, Ian Mckeown.

What is the role of a Campus Sustainability Officer? What are you currently working on?  

My role is creating a culture of environmental awareness, increasing education both on campus and off through events research and partnerships, and operationally to save money while benefiting the planet. I am working to push the boundaries through the sustainability program, so Loyola Marymount can be a worldwide beacon of carbon neutrality, social responsibility, and positivity.

Outside of my work at Loyola , I am also heavily involved in consulting in the energy space with projects around large scale solar, battery storage, car charging, and lighting efficiency.

How did your love of the outdoors draw you toward a career in environmentalism?  

Growing up I was always drawn to the natural world, especially outdoor sports, and any kind of adventure in nature.  I started to see the places where I mountain biked and hiked changing – becoming housing developments, and the environment at large changing around me through pollution. I wanted to be a solution, and to inspire others to get outside and protect our natural playgrounds.Science validated the observations I had that the world was changing, and we as humans were both the anthropogenic solution and the problem. Volunteering and traveling, I saw how important nature was to people’s physical health, mental health, livelihood, and community. It was a progression that became so strong that I turned down an opportunity to attend medical school to continue to focus on sustainability.

Did going to school in Miami affect how you looked at the planet?  

I was a kiteboarder, and volunteered in my spare time, taking at-risk youth into the ocean. I was able to see the change in my immediate environment. The University of Miami Ecosystem Science and Policy program armed me with the understanding and tools to communicate science for both public and policy all while understanding the fundamentals behind it through observation, experimentation, and the scientific method.

What does the future of sustainability look like?   

Sustainability will be centered around a world that is a blend of mindful convenience. In the philosophical sense, Newtons Law applies. Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction…so if you look at life through this lens, everything from driving your car to using electricity has an eco-impact on the other side. In the future, we’ll be looking beyond carbon neutrality to carbon negativity. Are you leaving a net benefit on the world? This will come at a cost on some items but those who can afford incremental cost increase will benefit others. I think progressive and retroactive regenerative technologies will pave the way.

March 18th was Global Recycling Day. Is there anything you think we should know about plastic pollution and the state of our current recycling system?   

Recycling is not what we think it is. The system is broken. Did you know that sometimes it takes more energy to use something that is recycled? We need to focus completely on reduction and focus on what we can’t change that will remain single use. Products of the future should be degradable, and if they cannot be recycled, items should be built to be reused, to replace as many single use items as possible.

Based on everything you know, what about Okeanos’ mission and Made From Stone technology attracted you to the company? 

Okeanos has identified a real problem that some single use plastics will never go away from the environment and peoples habits , people wont change habits quickly, governments wont change fast enough, we have to take action, technology can do this I think Okeanos will work beautifully in conjunction or may even make its own reusable items and than follow up with single use that can degrade and eliminates the harm.

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Okeanos is excited to announce a partnership with Bioflex®, one of Mexico’s leading plastic manufacturers located in Guanajuato. Under the leadership of CEO Rodrigo Reyes, Bioflex’s has established a sterling reputation in the industry, working to offer their customers sustainable alternatives. Outside of the office, Bioflex is committed to bettering their community and themselves, participating in marathons and ironman competitions to benefit charitable causes.

“We are thrilled to join hands with Bioflex, a company that prioritizes health of the environment, alongside an impressive commitment to the health and wellness of their team,” explains Okeanos CEO Florencio Cuétara.

Bioflex recently expanded their portfolio to include compounding and will begin producing Made From Stone compound in late April, further expanding our network of qualified compounders in Mexico. Located in close proximity to the source of calcium carbonate, Bioflex’s end-product will allow for lower emissions.

Deals for additional compounding partnerships are currently in negotiation in 8 additional locations on 6 continents.

Have you packaged your items in our award worthy film designed with Made From Stone technology yet?

Made From Stone compound can be used in film as a majority replacement for HDPE, offering a price-competitive immediate reduction in overall plastic content and a reduced carbon footprint – and best of all, can be made on your existing machinery! Film created with Made From Stone is lightweight (yes, really!), easy to cut and fold, temperature and water resistant, and is an excellent replacement for most coated paper and plastic.

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This month’s Rockstar, Teymour Khalatbari, who spearheads our efforts in the Middle East and North Africa by day and takes over the turntables by night, sits down to talk to us about turning up the volume on sustainability in the music industry, and in the Middle East.

Tell us about your childhood. Did you spend time by the ocean?

I lived in Paris for most of my childhood, and spent a lot of time in the South of France. I love the ocean but… I don’t have the chance to enjoy it as much as my colleagues who live in Miami!

Is there a culture of sustainability in the middle east? Is it taught from the time that you’re young?

Not at all. This is why the work we are doing in Egypt, and hopefully in the entire MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region is crucial. Middle Eastern countries have neglected the environment & have shown close to no efforts when it comes to sustainability. Egypt is responsible for 50% of mismanaged waste amongst the 22 Mediterranean countries…  Why? Political instability, lack of education and poverty make it hard for Arab leaders to focus on environnemental issues.  The opportunity to start changing habits and mentalities with Okeanos is what motivates me the most to push harder.

Why do you think Made From Stone will be a compelling solution to existing Egyptian brands?

Unfortunately, I would be lying if I asserted that Egyptian brands see the protection of the environment as a top priority. We’re not there yet. If our price point is flexible enough to show a financial interest, they will gladly switch to Okeanos. This is when we come in, continuously pushing sustainability to start making it a priority.

Outside of Okeanos, you’re a popular DJ. How do you describe your musical style? What are your influences?

Popular is a big word… I just started to release music recently, and have more coming soon. I produce hypnotic & organic techno in my home studio. When I am not working, I am producing. My main influences: New Order, The Doors,  Pink Floyd.

How can you use your platform as a popular DJ to amplify your sustainability efforts?

The (electronic) music industry is already preparing for the Green transition. A few inititatives are already taking place in Paris and Berlin: supporting local alcohol brands to reduce transportation emissions, opting for greener energy sources or even capturing electricity created from dancing energy. I would continue that trend by making sure the events I perform at are trying their best to be as green as possible. After the crisis, promoters & venues will need to step up their game, and DJs must support those that do.

What new skill or hobby did you pick up during quarantine?

I dug deep into sound synthesis and learned the basics of coding (HTML and CSS).

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Education is an important pillar of our work here at Okeanos. The more you know, the more information you’re armed with to drive real change. In honor of World Water Day, we asked kids ages 5-9 to illustrate what they believe the world would look like without water. At Okeanos, we believe in education for all, which is why we’ve teamed up with different programs to educate kids on climate change and giving them tools to keep our waters clean. You’ll be surprised to see what these kiddos have drawn after learning about our climate crisis and what’s happening to our water! Click HERE to see what they’ve come up with.

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3 of these facts are true and one we made up, which one is the lie?

A yellow penguin was spotted in Antarctica

An elephant found to have an extra tusk

Dolphins spotted in the East River in New York

Bald Eagles are back on the rise

The answer is B, so far we haven’t seen any elephants with an extra tusk…send us a photo if you see one though!

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