Next Stop: INDIA

Our world’s oceans go by different names, but to us, there is just one Okeanos- and we believe we all have an obligation to protect it, globally. That’s why we are going from country to country to show people and plastic manufacturers the magic that is MADE FROM STONE™. We’re trying to help with our technology and expertise to see how we can contribute to making plastic pollution disappear.

Unfortunately, scientists estimate that by 2030 more plastic waste will dumped into the Indian Ocean than anywhere else on Earth. The Indian subcontinent is home to over 1.7 billion people. So, that’s where we are going next! Mumbai will be home to Okeanos India. The company’s first products will be packaging film, disposable containers, and female and baby hygiene products, with future plans to expand and replace all possible single-use products in the region. The introduction of the calcium carbonate-based alternatives to single-use plastics in India begins with a partnership between Okeanos and the country’s largest compounder, Kandui.

Furthering it’s dedication towards innovation in plastics technology, Kandui is pleased to announce it’s new strategic partnership with Okeanos. Together Kandui and Okeanos will work towards reduction of the plastics consumption using the ubiquitous calcium carbonate & various other innovative solutions.
      This partnership is a perfect combination of people strategy and execution wherein Okeanos with its deep research, patented products & its strong marketing skills along with Kandui’s manufacturing & technical expertise will help transform the world into a better place.
      We are delighted to be working with Okeanos as its JV partner for India and we are confident of offering game-changing products to our customers.” Ashwin Agarwal, Managing Director, Okeanos India.

Crunch Time With Kettle Classics®

Calcium carbonate is a completely renewable and sustainable material, found in nature in things like eggshells and limestone. Using calcium carbonate allows us to reduce 50-70% of plastic waste— at no extra cost or harm to our environment. When you see the Made from Stone mark, you’re already helping the cause by making a conscious decision to buy products that are giving back to what the planet has given us.

A plastic alternative doesn’t have to cost more. And guess what? You’re probably standing above it: It’s marble, limestone or chalk! CaCO3 to be nerdy and exact. Carbonate is part of the Earth’s crust and can be found in almost every region of the world. The world produces more Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) than we’re capable of consuming. You can find it in your toothpaste, your morning cereal, and many other items. The cool thing is that our products disintegrate and go back to being, well, good ole’ stone. We like to think that we borrow the stone from nature and give it back after we’ve put it to good use.

Because calcium carbonate is a completely renewable and sustainable material, we join it together with a special binder to create Made from Stone packaging. This is able to reduce 50-70% of plastic waste! By harnessing the simple but powerful use of nature’s raw materials, Made from Stone is beyond just an alternative: it is the solution to giving back what we have taken for granted.

Coupled with existing degradable and bio-degradable plastic and other binders, CaCO3 is perfect packaging material, nature already knows this, just ask an egg! We have made our first packaging for Kettle Classics® potato chips, in the United States. Stay tuned for many more products hitting stores near you, everywhere around the world. The Stone Age has arrived. Again.

Product & InnovationLooks like plastic, feels like plastic, works like plastic but it is made from stone. Together, let’s make wasteful single-use plastic a thing of the past.

Okeanos’ tangible and realistic solutions are available now! Here are some of the solutions on our production line right now:

This bag is the famous t-shirt bag that serves us all so much; not only to transport our supermarket purchases but also to pack our garbage in small quantities and keep our kitchen free of bad smells!

Our t-shirt bag is 70% Made from Stone and the remaining 30% contains a blend of special resins that allow us to maintain the quality of the bag (color, strength, sealed, printability, mechanical and organoleptic properties). But this is not all, this bag contains a special additive that is responsible for biodegrading the plastic portion until it disappears completely.

Do you need to replace your existing machines? No, the “Made from Stone” solution is completely compatible with standard equipment.

What’s coming next? Straws and cookie trays! Stay tuned and join us and be part of this amazing solution. Join us on Instagram, spread the word.

Want to know more? Feel free to ask our Technical team, available at

Science of Success
Why is Okeanos’ mission important to you?
Okeanos is important to me because the science of our technology will impact the production and disposal of many plastic products, especially those that are threatening our water systems and our land. Okeanos is a game changer with promises it can uphold.

Why did you decide to become an engineer?
As a child, I grew into science which was greatly influenced by my mom. She always reminded her children, every event we experience can be explained intellectually by scientific concepts. Science became a practical way of life. Engineering became an option for a career to further science knowledge and invent a way to improve almost any. Engineering was an opportunity to further scientific knowledge and seemed to open the door to settle my curiosities.
Your legacy? Your passion? Grandchildren?
My legacy…oh that’s a tough question. I would love it if the world embraces the change Okeanos is setting out to create. And I can proudly say, I am involved.
My passion…doing things right and teaching others how exciting doing things right can make you feel.
Yes…I have two wonderful grandchildren and could go on and on about them.  I am proud and excited to have this unbelievable opportunity again to influence another generation that is a part of my heart.
What is the most important lesson you should share with peers, managers, customers, etc.?
Be kind, listen, never stop being curious.
What process and tools do you use (beyond brainstorming on a white board)?
Technical curiosity on proven and unproven learning of scientists before me.
Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?
……I doubt it!

GaiaLab, based in the Yucatan Mexico, is working in the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) region to come up with scalable solutions to conserve local reefs, oceans and biodiversity- while also having the great challenge of transitioning to a green economy, which provides wellbeing for local communities. In only one year the MAR has lost over 40% of its reefs. Sadly, if no action is taken, we will lose even more of this precious natural resource, which amongst other things supports a local USD 6.2 billion / per year economy.

Together with Gaialab, we are creating the Okeanos Partnership Program, with the goal of facilitating the transition to a circular and blue economy in the MAR region. We plan to do this through education and replicable seed pilot projects, oriented towards the development of sustainable economic activities that are compatible with conservation goals.

“Our partnership with Okeanos is an absolute key piece to achieve our conservation goals. Their support is crucial to scale in rapid time solutions that could change the course of our region. We are very grateful for their vision and initiative to support our work.” -Alejandra Tellez, Executive Director at GaiaLab.

Okeanos makes more than just packaging. We make waves across the world through our affiliate partnerships, and we’re always announcing new ones on our press page  and social media. We love our friends at GaiaLab, who work on reef and community conservation in the Mesoamerican Reef Region. We believe in circles: from our product life cycle, to climate feedback loops, to the circular economy, we’re keeping the “O” Okeanos.