Innovation & Research

Following other nature's lead


Okeanos is a sustainable innovation company focused on developing calcium carbonate-based solutions aimed at reducing plastic and drastically lowering the carbon footprint of single-use items today. We looked at the study of biomimicry and observed the ways in which nature has already solved many of our problems, and then turned to nature to create the ultimate solution to plastic pollution through source reduction!

Our global network of partners enables these solutions to be easily and readily adopted around the world by brands, manufacturers, and consumers. Okeanos prioritizes innovation, logistics, and additive manufacturing. Additionally, our innovation team is conducting continuous research and developing solutions in four key areas (materials, degradation, applications, environmental) to guide our continued innovation.



Everything is degradable with time, but Okeanos is interested in studying the actual amount of time required for an item to fully degrade. Specifically, we are continuously evaluating the degradation of our products in relation to conventional plastic products and its effect on water quality.


Research has shown that some degrading plastics leach chemicals that are likely toxic into our waterways, threatening the health of ocean environments and ultimately, humans. Okeanos will continue to examine which specific types of packaging contain plastic that leaches into aquatic environments and the potential impacts of these chemicals on marine life and plants.


Studying the absorption of microplastics that may be toxic to marine life is pertinent to understanding the long-term effects it may have on our ocean’s ecosystem. We continue to look at the potential for absorption by different organisms.