Okeanos Group LLC is committed to responsible intellectual property management, including the creation of a healthy and open patent ecosystem around the world that promotes and encourages creativity and a fast adoption of solutions that have the capacity to improve human and animal life in the world . One component of a well-functioning patent system is clarity around what entity is the real party in interest for a particular patent. Increased transparency around ownership reduces the likelihood of opportunistic behavior and gamesmanship by patent holders and helps facilitate licensing.

You can find more information about the patents in the list in a variety of places. For a US patent, start at the US Patent and Trademark Office’s general Patent Search home page. A good resource for patents from many countries is the European Patent Office’s Espacenet Patent Search site. For more information about a patent from another country, contact or visit the website of the patent-granting authority in that location.

For further questions, or inquiries about Okeanos’ need-based IP licensing program please contact us at legal@madefromstone.com