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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Commitment to quality, continuous improvement

Our objective in Okeanos is work together with our customers in order to replace most of the plastic in single-use plastic products with specially processed calcium carbonate. Competitiveness and innovation are foundations that drive us in the search of differential value for our organization in order to meet this goal. 

To achieve this, Okeanos is committed not only to develop, produce, and distribute products of the highest quality standards that meet all legal requirements, but also to support customers in their implementation of this technology. Each relevant level of the organization will be passionately committed to ensuring that all products, processes, procedures and facilities meet exacting quality standards.  

To meet these standards, we must: 

  • Set demanding standards and clearly communicate them to all employees and suppliers while monitoring and evaluating against these standards to ensure compliance. 
  • Maintain an open mind, always ready to receive and critically analyze advice in the pursuit of improvement.
  • Encourage and insist on benchmarking and sharing knowledge between our people and network to continually improve quality, while ensuring we maintain performance and profitability targets. 
  • Continuously educate and train employees and partners, making them responsible for monitoring, evaluating and controlling quality.  
  • Co-operate and have a harmonic relationship with our suppliers, as they are essential in the development and production of our products    helping us to fulfill our commitments.  
  • Continuously survey customer expectations and respond to their needs. 
  • Engage our entire team to provide a premier level of service to every customer.