In the June edition of Set in Stone®, we’re celebrating World Ocean Day, improving global shipping, and diving into new proposed plastics legislation


This month, representatives from Okeanos® Sales, Marketing and Government Affairs teams completed a whirlwind trip to the Balkans, introducing Made From StoneTM technology to both brands and local governments in Bosnia, Croatia, North Montenegro, and Serbia.

With Croatia, an EU member-state, leading the way, the Balkans are rapidly shifting toward climate mitigation strategies set forth for the region in the Green Agenda in 2022, and are eager to adopt technologies that will help them reduce their environmental footprints and limit the impacts of pollution on the market.

Legislation is currently focused on improving waste management infrastructure, with a focus shifting toward circular solutions and extended producer responsibility regulations. These factors open the door for Okeanos technology to make a real difference in this part of the world, an area rich in renewable calcium carbonate, the main feedstock of Made From Stone.

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Have you ever picked up a rock and tried to squeeze it in your palm? Impossible, right?

We’re here to change your mind!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to yet another impressive application…meet tubes Made From Stone! With Made From Stone technology, we can make stone flexible, offering a less plastic alternative to traditional virgin resin tubes, with a significantly lower carbon footprint. Applications range from toothpaste to hand cream and much more.

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Sustainability can be complicated. Even experts in the field continue to learn new things every day, so it’s understandable that those of us coming up in the industry, even those of us with master’s degrees like many on our Sustainability team, are constantly seeking more information! Enter Mastering Sustainability…our new podcast!

Mastering Sustainability, hosted by Madeline Armstrong, Okeanos Sustainable Partnerships Manager and Ray Loflin, Degradation Director, aims to be a home for those of us in the industry who haven’t yet mastered the nuances of Sustainability, from the maze of government agency acronyms to the consequences of carbon credits – they’ll cover it all!

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Ahead of November’s forthcoming COP28 , Okeanos was invited by the United States to join some of the world’s leading multinational companies for a Green Tech Delegation in the United Arab Emirates.

Okeanos Chief Government Affairs Officer Martina Hauser and Government Affairs Manager Estefania Xucla joined a US delegation led by David Thorne, Senior Advisory to US Climate Envoy John Kerry and Steve Lutes, VP of Middle East Affairs from the US Chamber of Commerce to discuss the further integration of sustainable technologies in the region, connect with other US business leaders, and engage with Emirati government representatives and COP28 authorities to introduce them to our Made From Stone technology.

As we prepare for COP28, we hope to continue the conversations we initiated during the event and further discuss the opportunities there are for the private sector.

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Tell us what this sustainability means to you.

Sustainability has always been a passion of mine since I was in school. It means adapting to a lifestyle where simple gestures will help ensure our environment is not harmed.

In your country, have you noticed a shift in society’s mindset toward more urgency surrounding climate issues?

Yes, I noticed that people are starting to make better sustainable choices in their everyday lives to protect our environment.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The desire to make a change and the delicious smell of my mother’s breakfast.

What’s the most encouraging sign you’ve noticed in your work that proves that we’re making progress toward a less plastic planet?

I am elated to witness how people from all over the world are showing interest in our solution and how versatile this technology is.

What advice would you give to those entering the field of Sustainability?

I would advise them to be diligent and believe you can make a change in this magnificent field even if small.

What’s something about you that not many people know?

I wanted to be a detective after watching one episode of CSI: NY.

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