In the November edition of Set in Stone®, we’re ushering in the (new) Stone Age™ , heading to Dubai for COP28, and keeping a watchful eye out for a second draft of the Global Plastic Treaty.


We’re ushering in a (new) Stone Age.

Introducing Made From Stone’s first consumer campaign, Welcome to the (new) Stone Age, which highlights our game-changing patented technology.  Rooted in ancient history, this multi-channel campaign harkens back to a time when the first humans relied on ingenuity and the world around them for survival. Harnessing the power of nature and relying on collective contributions of the group to solve problems, neanderthals evolved to become the first true innovators. Stone became the key to their evolution; they relied on it to form weapons and tools, build shelter, and to create flint for fire.

Much like our ancient predecessors, the modern-day founders of Okeanos, turned to nature to solve problems. Using stone as the bedrock of Made From Stone technology, we can replace more than half of the petrochemical plastic in everyday items with calcium carbonate, reducing the product’s plastic and carbon footprint.

This campaign invites consumers into the new Stone Age, ushering in an era of innovation that will once again change the course of history. The consumer journey begins by identifying Okeanos’ new stone globe logo on the packaging of their favorite consumer products alongside a clean new QR code which directs customers to a Life Cycle Analysis page. Here, using the location feature in the customer’s phone, the page will calculate the environmental impacts of the package, providing them with scientific backing for the client’s sustainability claims. The campaign will continue across social media, with dedicated content rolled out across all consumer channels, allowing customers to engage with their favorite brands to encourage them to make the switch to Made From Stone.

Welcome to an era of evolution; an era of less plastic, lower CO₂ emissions, and a collective drive to ensure a rock-solid future for generations to come.

Welcome to the Stone Age.


The Okeanos® Government Affairs Team will be on the ground November 30-December 7th for COP28, the Conference of the Parties, to connect with our legislative and corporate partners from around the globe.

COP28’s theme is Actionism, which represents the people working vigorously to bring about change. This year’s conference will feature the first ever Global Stocktake, which measures our collective progress toward achieving goals set forth in the Paris Agreement.

If your company will be present in Dubai next week, we’d love to meet you to tell you more about how Made From Stone is helping to contribute to these global goals. 

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Yogurt bottles Made From Stone will blow you away!

These new blow-molded bottles, created in Ecuador, boast excellent mechanical properties including barrier properties against oxygen and water, making them more resistant than their 100% plastic predecessors. In addition to removing half the plastic and significantly reducing the CO₂ footprint associated with their production, these bottles are not only better for the planet, but are better for the buyer, with a longer shelf life and stable compression.


Blown away? Transform your products with Made From Stone today!

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “ESG” thrown around at work; your company may even have an ESG strategy. But what does it stand for and how do we measure it?

On Episode 6 of Mastering Sustainability, the team from ESG consultancy EcoVadis helps us break it down. An ESG strategy looks at Environmental, Social and Governance actions taken by an organization and measures them year over year.

But not all ESG strategies are created equal. Jamie Mudrick and Sarah Moasser dive into the challenges of accurately reporting on different elements and what motivates companies to start keeping tabs on themselves in our next episode.    

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175 nations have come together to work on a Global Plastics Treaty. Okeanos is part of the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty working to ensure the treaty is ambitious, effective, and legally binding . Curious about what else we and our fellow coalition members including Unilever, Coca Cola, and Nestlé are looking to see reflected in the treaty? Watch the video below.

This month we’re celebrating Estefania Xucla, who is currently representing Okeanos at COP28 as Government Affairs Manager. Estefi explains how her role, and public private collaboration are essential to the success of global climate diplomacy

How did you get started in government affairs, particularly in the context of sustainable technology? 

I have been interested in this field long before I started at Okeanos. I got started in government affairs when I chose to study International Affairs, and specifically focus on the field of Business Diplomacy. Since then, I haven’t stopped learning!


In which ways does your role at Okeanos collaborate with government agencies to promote sustainable practices and technologies? 

I like to think of my role at Okeanos as a position through which I can practice Business Diplomacy.  I represent Okeanos before governmental institutions and while doing so, I not only promote Made From Stone technology and its environmental benefits, but also raise awareness about sustainable practices and steps that need to be taken by governments to truly have a positive impact on the environment. We are in direct contact with decision makers, so our role is to take advantage of that and promote the ideas that we stand for at Okeanos.


Can you share an example of a successful collaboration or partnership with a government entity to address plastic pollution or carbon emissions? 

The work we are doing with the Ministry of Environment of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great example. A successful collaboration begins when governments acknowledge the importance of public-private collaboration in mitigating challenges like plastic pollution or climate change. Challenges like these, require the know-how, research, and innovation that companies like Okeanos offer, and the Bosnian Ministry of Environment is giving us the tools and space to communicate how a realistic solution like Made From Stone can address pollution caused by plastics or carbon emissions.


Can you explain what the impact of a realized global plastics treaty would be?  

Global plastic waste continues to increase, and it is expected to do so in the coming decades. A realized global plastic treaty would be effective at stopping this trend and inverting it, as well as in truly welcoming innovation and ending the promotion of “solutions” which are not realistic, or that simply do not solve the problem. After three rounds of negotiations, leaders still cannot not agree on the obligations and responsibilities states will have to abide by. However,  a global treaty could signify a major changing point for the environment, but only if it is ambitious enough.


You’ll be attending COP28 in Dubai to represent Okeanos, what are your main objectives and achievements at the conference? 

To continue to grow our relationship with governments that we are already in conversations with and develop new connections at different levels which will allow us to be part of the conversation while raising awareness on our technology and the environmental benefits that come with it!


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