In the March edition of Set in Stone®, we’re celebrating a technical triumph in thermoforming, sitting down with environmental leaders in Buenos Aires, and making some marine magic with mermaids! 


We’ve all heard the news. Plastic particles are all around us; from the food we eat to the air we breathe, but once they’re inside of us, what does that mean for our bodies?

Directed by Ziya Tong and Bed Addelman, “Plastic People” follows the work of scientists from twelve countries, researching the effects that continued exposure to petrochemical-based microplastics have on human health.

Microplastics, which are defined as fragments of plastic less than 5 millimeters in size, have become the subject of increased scientific focus in recent years, having been discovered in human brains, blood, lungs, and hearts. Researchers have also discovered them inside cancerous tumors and the bowels of patients with IBD, leading them to believe that the presence of these particles directly correlates to the severity of the disease.

“The implications [of microplastics] will become one of the most dominant health and environmental stories of our time,” explains Rick Smith, one of the Film’s executive producers. “It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, there’s no sheltering yourself from this kind of new pollution.”

The film aims to create a sense of urgency and inspire change, to reduce individuals’ reliance on single-use plastic. “It’s not like we need some remarkable new invention to address the problem,” Ms. Tong told the New York Times. “We just have to use less plastic.”

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What do coral reefs, mermaids, and fine art have in common? This isn’t a knock-knock joke! Keep scrolling to find out.

On Episode 10 of Mastering Sustainability, we welcome Shelby Thomas, CEO of the Ocean Rescue Alliance, a marine conservation and restoration nonprofit organization that uses artificial structures to enhance marine environments, build marine habitats, conduct restoration, protect coastlines, and connect communities through art. In this episode, Shelby dives into reef restoration using calcium carbonate, how 1000 mermaids can benefit marine life, and how nature and art co-exist harmoniously on the ocean floor.

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This month, Florencio Cuétara, Okeanos CEO paid a visit to Buenos Aires, where he held productive meetings with various governmental entities, fostering connections and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

During the trip, Florencio, and members of the Okeanos Argentina team met with a delegation from the City of Buenos Aires. In this meeting, the delegation was very interested in our technology and its potential to contribute to plastic pollution mitigation, and they extended their support for conducting recyclability tests in the region, which will be instrumental in advancing our shared sustainability objectives. As the city works on new plastic legislation, we are excited to be considered as a potential solution.

As part of his trip, Florencio also had the opportunity to meet with key representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. These conversations have laid the foundation for future meetings with the Ambassador and introductions to the new Secretary of Sustainability. Moreover, this diplomatic engagement has opened doors for our team to connect with the Argentinian Chamber of Commerce, further expanding our network in the region.

We are excited about the prospects that these engagements bring, and together with our Argentinian partner, Plast Sur, we look forward to nurturing these relationships to advance our mission of promoting sustainable solutions in Argentina and beyond.

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Can highly loaded calcium carbonate compounds perform in thermoforming applications?

The answer is yes…with Made From Stone! Thermoforming with high levels of calcium carbonate has thus far been a great challenge for the industry. Although Calcium Carbonate has been used for many years as a filler alternative or simply to reduce costs, it has never been used as a functional product that represents improvements in both processing and functionality.

However, a recent trial yielded a successfully thermoformed clamshell comprised of majority calcium carbonate. This meets specific requirements that enable the clamshell to function, including:

  • maintaining an airtight seal through a snap-fit type mechanism
  • allowing heterogeneous stretching where there are divisions and ribs with varying thicknesses.
  • achieving a uniform distribution of homogeneous thickness as well as uniform mechanical properties throughout the entire structure
  • allowing a clean cut of the piece
  • resisting stacking
  • and offering significant sustainability benefits in terms of plastic reduction and overall carbon footprint when compared to a container made of 100% polypropylene (PP)

…and guess what? You can achieve all of this with Made From Stone compounds and with the support of our technical team.

What kind of thermoformed products can we make with Made From Stone technology? Answer: The sky is the limit! All thermoformed items that are currently manufactured with PP or can be replaced by PP can adopt Made From Stone. 

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Okeanos is proud to introduce our Mexican distribution partner, Mafra, who brings 34 years of extensive industry experience commercializing PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, EVA, masterbatches, and additives throughout Mexico. Selected for their best-in-class reputation and commitment to sustainability, Mafra will support regional brands in the adoption of Made From Stone technology.

“We are committed to the environment, sustainable growth, and the circular economy, which is why we constantly improve our processes, products, and services, including the elements that intervene in the supply chain that affects our end clients,” explains Mafra General Manager Arturo Fernandez.

To make products Made From Stone in Mexico, contact Mafra today! 

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This month we’re celebrating our Social Media Manager, Melisa Angelczyk! Read on to learn more about how she draws from her cultural experiences to create and develop engaging social content.

Can you share a “Eureka!” moment when you realized the potential of Made From Stone’s technology?  

Right now! While watching weekly the advancements in product production and the new brands named during different calls, the trials.

Is there a book, podcast, or piece of art that has left a lasting impact on you? How has it influenced your approach to challenges and opportunities?  

I love a podcast here from Argentina, which features long interviews with different people who are unique for a specific thing: a traumatic event, a way of living their lives, their job, etc. They always leave me with a message that I can do whatever I propose for myself.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on at Okeanos, and how did it align with your passion for sustainability?  

I loved participating in the new B2C Marketing Campaign “Welcoming to the Stone Age.” It’s still live, and we have a lot to learn about it, but I find it to be an interesting, fun, and factual approach for people to get to know our technology.

What do you feel you bring to your team from your cultural background that contributes to achieving objectives?  

Copywriting and creativity come from the most personal part of us, so every time I’m looking for inspiration, I tap into my cultural background to bring ideas to the table.

We have a lot of Argentinians on the MKT team, which is awesome for enhancing our team, connecting in thoughts, and bringing together our knowledge.

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