In the July edition of Set in Stone, we’re introducing new applications for Made From Stone technology and putting two consumer focused industries, tobacco companies and advertising agencies, under the impact microscope! .


Did you know there’s another way you can reduce your environmental footprint aside from taking shorter showers?
Store your shampoo in bottles Made From Stone! Think about how many plastic bottles are in your shower right this minute. If you replace up to 70% of the plastic in all of those bottles with a natural, renewable material, you’d not only reduce the amount of plastic flowing into the environment but would also reduce the CO2 footprint of your whole clean-routine!

Blown molded bottles Made From Stone are renewable, affordable, and have excellent barrier properties.

Make your bottles from stone today!

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We’re on the hunt for curious, innovative, passionate individuals to join our growing global environmentally conscious crew! Be part of the solution to plastic pollution alongside a driven, fast-paced international team. Full-time and remote opportunities are available.

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COP27 Logistics Coordinator – Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Branding Associate – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Accounts Recievable Clerk – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marketing Analyst – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Branding Associate – São Paulo, Brazil

Marketing Analyst – São Paulo, Brazil

Information Technology Analyst – São Paulo, Brazil

D365 Sales CRM Developer – São Paulo, Brazil

Technical Sales AP – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

D365 Customer Service – Mumbai, India

Controller – Miami Beach, USA

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Did you know that six trillion cigarettes are produced per year, and most have plastic filters? Of those, it’s estimated that more than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts end up in the environment!

In today’s media portrayals, plastic pollution often takes the form of the industry’s iconic symbols – plastic bags, straws, and cutlery. However, thousands of other products we use, interact with and often mindlessly discard everyday also contain plastic – like cigarettes. Each cigarette butt contains a plastic filter. In fact, each cigarette filter contains at least 15,000 strands of microplastic! The negative effects of microplastics are only just beginning to be studied, but scientists have found that these microscopic pieces of plastic have already been documented in our bloodstreams, food chains, and in marine and terrestrial environments.

To learn more about how Made From Stone can reduce your product’s microplastic potential, contact!

Everything has a carbon footprint from the car you drive to the electronics you use, but have you ever considered that the media you consume, including those pesky pop-up ads, billboards, and commercials also results in emissions?

This is why media buying giant, Group M has recently released a new framework for measuring advertising’s carbon emissions. In a recent news release, Group M estimated that media contributed 55% of its carbon footprint! This is equivalent to cars driving 7.3 billion miles!

The company has committed to decarbonizing its media chain by 2030 and hopes to establish an industry-wide framework that others can follow for measuring the carbon emissions of different types of advertising, and proactively taking steps to utilize lower-emitting channels.

To learn more about how Okeanos keeps a finger on the pulse of the carbon footprint of products Made From Stone, visit our LCA page here

In this section of Set In Stone, we like to highlight the surprising, unique, and unusual phenomena and creatures that make our Okeanos worth preserving. Meet the Sea Pen!

First spotted near the Johnson Atoll west of Hawaii by the exploration vessel Nautilus, Sea Pens are part of a group of animals that includes corals, and jellyfish!

Prior to this discovery, Sea Pens, with their stinging feeding tentacles, had only been spotted in the North & South Atlantic and Indian oceans!

Want to see more stunning sea-creatures?
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Meet Doaa, our Rockstar of the Month! Doaa is a member of our Government Affairs Team working to introduce the benefits of Okeanos to Governments around the world. Learn more about what drives her passion for sustainability below!

Tell us about your childhood. Did you spend time by the ocean?

I was born and raised in Cairo, so I’d have to wait till the summer vacation to spend a time by the sea. In Egypt we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean coast and the mind-blowing water of the red sea, but mostly me and my family would prefer to spend our time in South Sinai beaches for the warm and relaxing water all year long.

How has working for an environmentally focused company impacted the choices you make in your daily life?

Since I’ve joined Okeanos and I’d consider my everyday choices that could accumulate and have an impact on the environment. I now believe more than ever the impact of the small change that I could incorporate in my everyday activities so I’m always on the search for brands that consumes less plastic into their packaging and have less effect on the planet. Moreover, I try my best now to support local Egyptian fashion brands that provide sustainable alternatives to the fast fashion ones.

How has the conversation on sustainability transcended the field of material science?

Surely sustainability has evolved in the recent year, however, in my personal opinion, it’s more about providing affordable sustainable solutions than only providing sustainable alternatives. Consumers in many parts of the world don’t have the privilege to choose pricy sustainable alternatives for their daily life and they shouldn’t be the ones that pay extra to help the planet, especially now with a decaying economy almost everywhere and inflation that is rising and affecting everyone. It’s the corporates and governments’ role to look not only for sustainable alternatives but also for the most cost-efficient ones for the consumers.

If you could pick a body of water anywhere in the world to spend time near, where would it be?

I would choose Dahab which is a small town in the coast of Sinai because not only you have access to beautiful beaches and one of the best diving spots in the world, but also it has a very welcoming and chill vibes all year long.

What new skill or hobby did you pick up during quarantine?

I started to practice meditation and yoga and I’m trying since then my best to practice daily.

Now that the world is beginning to re-open, what is the thing you’re most looking forward to?

I’m mostly excited to travel more now since there are no restrictions.

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