In the January edition of Set in Stone, we’re jumping into 2023 with an exhibition at India’s leading trade show, new innovations, and feature about Made From Stone technology in Forbes! Read on!.


For the past 11 years, Plastindia has been the gathering place for the brightest minds and most forward-thinking companies in South Asia’s plastic industry. We’re headed over to India to join them!

Alongside Kandui, our partners in Okeanos India, we’re excited to exhibit Made From Stone at Plastindia to highlight a truly immediate, scalable, and affordable solution to plastic pollution and CO2 emissions. We’re looking forward to meeting brands, investors, and manufacturers from a wide range of industries.

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Read all about it! We recently sat down with to talk about the mission behind Made From Stone, how the technology could make a difference around the world, and how reducing plastic and CO2 will make a difference in your neighborhood.

To read more about Made From Stone in the news, visit our News page here.

What if we could remove more than half the plastic and CO2 emissions from the plastic buckets you use every day that store everything from paint to pickles?


Why does it matter? It’s estimated that 250 million 5-gallon plastic buckets are made worldwide each year. That’s a lot of buckets! Imagine being able to buy a bucket, or any other plastic item in the hardware store, without having to worry about its impact on the environment.


Here’s a sneak peek at buckets created using Made From Stone technology!


If you were thinking about ordering that burger, would knowing it’s significant carbon emissions nudge you toward a more environmentally friendly meal? Possibly.

A recent study by the University of Wurzburg in Germany seems to indicate that carbon footprint labeling on restaurant menus could have a similar effect. More than 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to global food production, so what we eat and how it’s grown or raised really does have an impact on our climate.

This is why Okeanos is in favor of transparent labeling on all products Made From Stone. Our LCA calculations trace and measure the emissions of your packaging so you understand where it came from and the impacts associated with making it; then you as the consumer get to make the choice.

To read more about Made From Stone in the news, visit our News page here.

To see an example of an LCA calculation on a product Made From Stone, click here or look for the Made From Stone globe on a supermarket shelf near you!

Did you know that only five products (cling film, bottles, carrier bags, satchets, and household goods) contribute 85% of all plastic leaking into the ocean today? In this issue of Set in Stone, we’re breaking down Okeanos’ commitment to Sustainable Development Goal #9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure.

With SGD #9 , the UN hopes to support sustainable infrastructure, innovation and technologies.


While plastic pollution has become one of the most urgent environmental issues, innovators have yet to introduce an economical and scalable alternative to plastics. Okeanos aims to bring innovation into the plastic industry, with key considerations of its current infrastructure. Using their existing machinery, our Made From Stone Technology enables brands and manufactures to immediately reduce the amount of virgin plastic in their products and significantly lower their carbon footprint.

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This month we’re recognizing Nicolas Alam, our Technical Sales Associate as Rockstar of the Month! Since joining the team at the Okeanos Innovation Center, Nicolas has become a vital part of our R&D! Read on to learn about what life experience fuels his passion for environmental research.

Congrats! Tell us what this recognition means to you!

It’s a huge honor. To me, this means that I am doing well in my role, and that each day I am becoming a more integral part of the team at Okeanos. Of course, everything I have done is thanks to those who have helped me along the way.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What gets me out of bed each morning is the fact that I am working in a company that is focused on taking care of the ecosystem. When I was living in Monterrey, we began to have water shortages (both for drinking and for common use) and I experienced firsthand what a world with no water would be like. It got so bad at a certain point that people fought over water jugs at convenience stores. Education is important, but those like Okeanos who are taking action can make an immediate positive change.

What advice would you give to those entering the field of Sustainability?

I would advise them to enjoy every step of the journey in this field because even though it is challenging, it’s also awesome and our collective efforts will be worth it in the end.

If you could switch jobs with someone else at Okeanos, who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t switch jobs with anyone. I enjoy what I am doing right now, even though every job at Okeanos must be great.

What’s something about you that not many people know?

A fun fact that not many people know about me is that my favorite fast-food chain is Carl’s Jr and that in the future I would like to become a Carl’s Jr franchise.

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